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Pet Cooling Blanket

Pet Cooling Blanket

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Hey there my sun-soaked adventurers! As you know, there’s nothing quite like a refreshing escape from the heat, and that’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to this Chill-Out Cooling Blanket – your ticket to frosty comfort on even the hottest summer days! Simply lay on this magic blanket and watch as the heat gets zapped away. Ahh, that’s the stuff!

This isn’t just some ordinary blanket. Its designed with special cooling factors that work their magic to absorb and dissipate heat. Say good bye dreaded hot spots, and say hello to a breezy, comfortable lounging experience.

Fun Fact! Did you know that dogs don’t cool down through their backs? Nope, its all about the belly, paws, and of course a little panting. That’s why this Chill-Out Blanket is like a breath of fresh air. Engineered to provide that cool, refreshing relief where it matters most.

Remember, I am a gold medalist in the Nap Olympics so I know a thing or two about comfort. Whether I’m sprawling out after a game of fetch or catching some afternoon Z’s, you’ll have your own personal oasis right at your paws. 

Embrace the chill revolution with the Chill-Out Blanket. With every belly flop and paw stretch, you’ll revel in a sensation that’s nothing short of pure canine delight!

                                                                                                 Stay cool, Rosie out.


Weight: 90-310g

Washable: Mechanical wash, hand wash

Use for: Sofa, car, floor, carpet, pet bed etc.

Suitable for: Small medium large dogs, cats, puppies, kittens

Pattern: Solid

Material: Cool Core, mesh cloth, terry cloth

Features: Breathable, Sweat-absorbent 

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